The Basic Idea
Ahan is the brain child of some tourism graduates from IITTM (Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, Gwalior), who witnessed economic leakages at most of the tourist destinations, especially in Himalayan region.
The local community is not getting much benefits from tourism in their region, and Ahan found that the biggest reason is lack of professional training and awareness. As per our Indian traditions it was not suggested to expect much from the bureaucracy.
So in the year 2010 it was decided to start a Non Government Organisation to train, educate and make the local community aware. It was decided that Ahan will not depend on donation or aid, it will be a self sustained organisation and will earn its funds by organising various programs in the Himalayan region.

Team Ahan

Parth Joshi
Harminder Singh
Rahul Choudhary
Bhavesh Swami
Vijay Sarathi
Vinay Shankar Sharma