The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page  ~ Saint Augustine

Anubhav is a  specially designated division to cater to the special needs of students. Anubhav is designed for two sectors, first for school students (12-16 Years) and second for college students (17-21 Years). The motto of Anubhav is to build character, develop resilience and acquire leadership qualities by enrolling yourself or your students to experience outdoor classrooms, where learning is real in a wilderness setting.

Not only is the great outdoors a good place to create an adventure and explore what Mother Nature and the natural wonders of the Earth have to offer us, but an outdoor education also offers many other additional benefits to today’s youth.

It promotes active learning and encourages intellectual, physical, and social development. Not only will students learn to work together when experiencing an outdoor adventure, but they will also be provided with opportunities to learn important life skills, like a sense of responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment at the end of their adventure.

It provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures, by exploring other parts of the country.

It helps to develop a relationship with the environment by experiencing the great outdoors, students will learn to respect, appreciate, and enjoy what nature has to offer us. Educational wilderness adventures not only offer fun and excitement for today’s youth, but allows s the opportunity to learn about the world around them and allow to learn who they truly are.

Wilderness Adventures are dedicated to provide safe and exciting outdoor and educational adventures to today’s youth. Whether you are looking for a summer camp program, or a teen adventure camp, visit us to see the plethora of programs we have to offer.


Our core team comprises of a set of highly experienced professionals & competent experts. They are carefully selected and are then made to undergo a rigorous training process on activity-based skills. Our team members are trained from reputed institutes like NIWS, Goa; ABVIMAS, Manali; IITTM, Gwalior; NIMS, Uttarkashi. Our team includes adventure sports personnel, professional mountaineers and management trainers.

An adult woman is assigned to each group of girls for specific needs. The camp layout ensures that there are separate areas for boys and girls.

All the trainers in the camp are well trained on First Aid. All minor medical issues are looked after by a doctor who is available on call. Even for the slightest medical concern we have a resident doctor on call and a standby vehicle is available 24X7 to attend to all medical emergencies, if needed.


We provide tented accommodation on sharing basis, along with mattresses/ carry mats and sleeping bags to assure comfort and a good night sleep. All the camp sites have separate accommodation for both boys and girls with separate washrooms.………………………………………………………………………………………..